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it’s like

women are surrounded by sharks

and men are in a boat with a tiny hole in it

women could definitely try to fix that boat while they’re being attacked

because, like, it would be nice or whatever and it would prevent men from eventually getting hurt

but maybe if the women were on the boat in the first fucking place they all could have put their heads together and found a way to fix the boat


Women hating men isn’t as dangerous as men hating women because we live in a society where structural violence toward women is common and accepted and joked about. Women simply don’t have the power to affect men the way men affect women. So everyone who’s mad can go unfuck themselves.

Apart from the fact that gendered violence against men in our society is several magnitudes more common and much more frequently seen as an object for humour, even in mainstream media.

Except that anyone that publicly sees women in danger is completely outraged and rushes to her aid, while men don’t get the same treatment. Except that men’s shelters are rare or don’t exist, while women’s shelters are everywhere. Except that everyone is outraged by rape of women, even when it’s fake, even though it’s not that common, but doesn’t seem to care that over 300,000 male rapes occur in prison per year, and that the male side of sex trafficking is completely ignored.

When you ignore one side, the problem is going to get worse on that side because the consequences are non-existent or not that severe.

Maybe you should go fuck yourself. Or hey, instead of pulling things out of your ass, fact checks are nice.

I’m liking this day….I show up thinking I’m going to spend three hours writing when I’m tired and not in the mood for it, and find out that everyone else has already done it for me!

Oh, come on, guys! A woman hating men can’t do nearly as much damage as a man hating women can!

… Except that she can point a finger, falsely cry rape, and have the man thrown in prison

And even if the claim is discovered to be false, she’ll most likely receive what amounts to a slap on the wrist, like here

And, while in prison, the man runs a higher risk of being raped (as previously stated above). 

False domestic violence claims are common as well and are just as harmful. 

And you’re so right about men harming women to be accepted and commonplace. That’s why you’ll get a longer jail sentence for murdering a woman as opposed to murdering a man


Despite the fact that, on the other end of the scale, men make up a surprising number of domestic violence victims, but it is assumed by individuals and authorities that they are never victimised. Despite the fact that the media, both fictional and informative, don’t care as much about male victims, and neither do campaigners. Despite the fact that legal definitions worldwide don’t acknowledge male victims of rape, or domestic violence. Despite the fact that the rape of men is ignored, derailederased and trivialised by all of the above groups, as well as the justice system. Despite a billion other things. But apart from that, you’re absolutely correct.

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