Text 14 Apr 25 notes Studies on domestic violence and gender stereotypes


Studies on domestic violence and gender stereotypes

Studies and articles showing that women are at least as violent as men yet we are told to believe that men are the only problem. It should not be an issue of gender.

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Male vs Female intimate partner violence: Putting controversial findings into context

Suggesting that maybe representation in the media skews how we react to such situations among other findings

Female Violence: Can we therapists face up to it?

Unexpected findings that females commit as many acts of child abuse as men. Female on female violence in prisons is far more common than their male counterparts. How the insistence that only men commit these crimes means that often the victims and the perpetrators do not get the proper help.

Women or men: Who are the victims

How self-proclaimed “victim groups” use their status to their advantage, an explanation of the pay gap,

Dominance and symmetry in domestic violence by male and female university students in 32 nations

Most partner violence is mutual, such studies are often suppressed, how denial has crippled treatment and prevention

Home affairs select committee inquiry into domestic violence

How male victims are themselves arrested when they call for help, how children are often left in the care of a violent mother, under reporting due to the attitudes of police and support services

Female on male domestic abuse: Treatment by public services and help available to male victims

Dissertation by a female student on how the females-as-victims stereotype, how male victims are deliberately ignored in studies of domestic violence, how media implies that all victims are female, Men and women are equally capable or at risk, reasons for female violence

Webpages and articles:

More than 40% of domestic violence victims are men

How police and media ignore male victims, there are 7500 refuges for women and 60 for men in England and Wales.

Men as victims of Domestic Violence

Why men don’t report domestic violence, treating domestic violence couples rather than just blaming the man.

Battered Men - The hidden side to domestic violence

A collection of articles and personal accounts

Domestic violence - another perspective

Available information, books and resources

Violence is not a gender issue

Worldwide statistics, links to other related articles

Teenage violence linked to later domestic violence

University of Washington study showed women are nearly twice as likely as men commit domestic violence

References Examining assaults by women on their spouses of male partners: an annotates bibliography

List of 218 empirical studies and 64 reviews and analyses which demonstrate that women are at least as aggressive as men in their relationships

“The thing is, I still love her

A guardian article by a man who was repeatedly abused by his partner

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