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How many men have walked to their cars holding their keys like spikes between each knuckle? How many have stared into the faces of those they pass, willing themselves to memorize facial features in the event that they find themselves sitting across from a sketch-artist, drinking bad coffee, shaking, and explaining the bump of a nose or the curve of a chin? How many are made to feel like it is their job to catalog the shape of victimization, prove their pain, and alter their mental state to accommodate it? For how many men is this perversion their only expectation of normalcy?

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seriously, guys. it’s almost impossible to understand the fear of sexual assault from our male perspective. start standing up to violence against women

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I was doing the key-thing since I was given house keys (somewhere in high school). 

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This is very binary language, but point = gold. 

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Actually… a lot of men are victims of assault, domestic abuse, ect. Men can also be raped, but people tend to ignore that.

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Not just ‘a lot’. Have these people ever seen any sort of crime statistics? It’s fairly easy to find some. I just googled the website of my Home Office, which is the official government source for these things. I opened the first document about crime statistics that I could find, and had a nice scroll down to where they break things up by gender. What does it say?

4.2% of men are victims of violent crime, compared to 1.8% of women. That’s statistically significant, by the way. Violent criminals are much more likely to target men. That’s a fact, and it has been one since these things were recorded. The criminals start to care less the older you get though (0.2% to 0.1% of 75+ men and women, 0.7% to 0.6% when you’re 65-74), and so when we look at the statistics for young people (16-24) the difference is even clearer. 13.3% of young men have been the victims of violent crime, compared to just 4.3% of young women. 

Of course, we’re talking about stranger violence here. Domestic violence, and violence as a result of theft, are recorded as much more gender-neutral. So let’s take those out of the equation, and only look at the column called ‘Stranger’ in the violent crime table. What a surprise: 2.2% of men have been violently attacked by a stranger, compared to 0.6% of women. If you rounded up 100 women, not even a whole one would have been the victim of violent crime. So don’t give us the whole ‘all women need to be scared of stranger violence’ speech. It has no factual basis whatsoever.

What is worse though, is that you used that myth to erase men. Not only have you said that stranger violence against women is incredibly common (official records say otherwise), but you’ve explicitly said that men don’t have to worry about it. Seriously? The average man’s risk of a stranger attacking him is 3-4 times greater than that of an average women, so you are spouting nonsense. Looking in the 16-24 row again, 6.5% of young men have been attacked by strangers, and 1.3% of young women have. That’s exactly 5 times more men. You were saying? 

Stranger violence is not something that only women have to be scared of, and actually women are pretty privileged in being relatively safe from it. Get any other notion out of your head. As far as I can see, being a young male is actually the biggest risk factor. Your rate also increases, by the way, if you are white and able-bodied. 1.4% of white people are victims of stranger violence, with the next highest rates being 1.3% of mixed race people and 1.2% of black people. Asians, Chinese, and other are tied on 0.7%. 1.1% of people with a long-standing illness or disability were attacked, compared to 1.4% of people without one. I suspect gender and sexual identities will be a massive factor but, of those recorded, that 6.5% is unparalleled. Maybe, before suggesting that men don’t face the problem of stranger violence, you should check that the facts don’t show the complete opposite. Men are the victims of 79% of stranger violence. Now, with that in mind, read that quote again.

The survey did show that women over-estimated the rate of crime more than men did, and that they tended to be more afraid of being the victim, even when in truth they made up the minority of cases. 18% of women worry about violent crime, compared to just 7% of men. That’s a problem. But going around, making speeches about how only women need to worry about violence? That’s making the problem worse for everyone.

For the record, I know men who have been seriously hurt in a random attack by a stranger, I’ve been verbally harassed just walking around, I feel fear when I’m out walking alone, and I have always done the key-knuckle thing. You have absolutely no idea. 

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