Text 10 Jan 92 notes Anyone who believes “misandry doesn’t exist” should take a look in my inbox.

TW for sexism, advocation of gendercide, body-shaming, the list goes on; think of something bad, and the odds are they’ll have covered it.

"Women aren’t better than men in every department" False. Women are smarter, more emotionally enlightened, can be just as strong, more nurturing, more logical, more inventive and more robust. The anon’s statement that “men’s only contribution to the modern world is rape, abuse, divorced fathers and murder statistics,” is half true in that they are the only things men are better than women at. I could do without rape, abuse and murder, thank you very much.

That anonymous message did give me a thought: When a man does something traditionally female (nursing, raising a child) he’s congratulated for getting in touch with his feminine side, yet when a woman does the opposite, she’s not “getting in touch with her masculine side”. Why do you suppose this is? Also, a world without men is more scientifically desirable than a world without women. Frozen sperm is better than no wombs. Kill the men, we’ll manage; kill the women, we’re fucked.

'Women aren’t better than men in every department'-False. ‘there are certainly physical and mental tasks where average women are significantly inferior to average men’-[citation needed]. ‘Your mother and sister lie to you if they preach of female supremacy’-If they lie, what evidence do you offer as proof?

When you say that you “fight” for things mainstream feminists don’t talk about, who are you fighting, and where is the battlefield? Because it certainly isn’t anywhere anyone is looking.

How does it make you feel in your little man-bits that women are proved to be better than men at every single thing that can be measured? Wait, no, that’s not true, men are better at having a dying and eroding chromosome than women. And killing. And raping. And starting wars. And causing suffering of any kind. I hope you feel bad for how much your gender has held society back.

Saying “Neither gender is better” is entirely wrong. Women are proven to be better than men at everything that is a benefit to society, while men are better at everything that is a detriment. The fact that young boys need to be pumped with drugs just to get them to pay attention is school to behave as well as girls shows that it’s natural, not society.

Women are more intelligent than men,” is proved by the higher IQ, better performance in schools, more women in higher education, more women entering educated workplaces than men. “Women are more spiritual than men,” is proved by their natural empathy and unwillingness to wound, compared to man’s aggression. Women are only 10% LESS strong than men, so there’s the physical retort busted. So, please, tell me how women AREN’T better than men. Reply or you’re a coward.

"Or you can supply some evidence for your claims that women are better than men at everything ever." It’s not my job to educat you, but google search "women are better than men," and you’ll find plenty of evidence. And I’m not a bigot; I’m a realist. We might have needed men when we were reliant of physical strength to gather resources and keep the sky (society) up, but those days are gone, and that usage is like the dinosaur: dead. Atlas is due for retirement, the world is ours now.

You can’t have “female supremacy” because female is the natural state of humanity. Mutation is to blame for men, male was an abomination nature never intended to happen, which is why it’s slowly killing the Y chromosome, and men are becoming infertile. Men are nature’s mistake, and all mistakes are fixed eventually, and now that’s what we’re doing. Correcting nature’s error for her.

'In fact, this issue (the abundance of male suicide), is one I will fight,' Yeah, you make that blog post about how many boys kill themselves, I'm sure that will help. You men are pathetic. We women march as one over a word, and you can’t even unite with men about the fact that you’re all killing yourselves. If you care so much, do something about it. But you wont, because the truth is that you don’t care. So, I’ll see you at the next Slut Walk, and you make your posts about dead men and boys.

Awwww, diddums, you getting messages over the internet, in inoffensive text form? Fucking grow a pair. You call yourself a man? Then man up. Men are creatures of logic? Then logic those facts away, If telling the truth is misandry, then anyone who said the sky is blue is a misandrist. If you really were a feminist you wouldn’t even imply that misandry exists let alone say it outright. Oh, wait, no one is saying anything, it’s fucking text on a screen. Stop being such a manchild.

If you call yourself a feminist get off this shitty blog and get out into the world to improve the lives of women, not being a selfish dickmuncher complaining about men that make THEIR OWN CHOICE to kill themselves they’re dead, it’s the women that are alive that need help you can’t improve the life of a corpse

Typical men. You spend generations saying you’re better than women at everything, and now women are proving you wrong and it’s “oh, we’re all the same but different,” “no one is inherently better than anyone else.” No, fuck you, eat your fucking words. Stop moving the fucking goal posts.

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    I actually think I’m going to be fucking sick. You’re a terrible person and I hope you die cold and alone.
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