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…did you ever notice that almost all of the slurs aimed at men in middle school translate roughly into “woman”? Consider:







There is not a similar set of slurs denigrating women by calling them names that translate roughly into “man.” In fact, in some instances, being told you are like a man is one of the best compliments a woman can recieve (i.e., sports).

So, sure enough, we live in a society where “woman” is an insult. I can’t imagine what more proof of sexism a person might need.


Lisa Wade, ‘Woman’ as an Insult (via downlo)

This sort of language is even more prevalent than the author mentions here. “Man up,” “having balls,” “you throw like a girl,”—these are all examples.

(via lookoutsideyourself)

A man will be offended if you call him a woman.

A woman will be offended if you call her a man.

A man will be offended if you call him feminine.

A woman will be offended if you call her masculine.

A man will be offended if you call him a vagina (pussy etc.)

A woman will be offended if you call her a penis (dick etc.)

As for the others, that’s just not wanting to be called a different sexuality. Which also applies to women. Heterosexual men will be offended if you call them fags or cock-suckers, heterosexual women will be offended if you call them dykes or pussy-lickers. 

I definitely agree with the additions of ‘man up’ and ‘having balls’, but they restrict men from being feminine just as much as they restrict women from being masculine. Just like all of these other slurs.

It’s just the same patriarchal gender roles being forced on both sexes, and disadvantaging and oppressing both sexes. I don’t like that any more than you do. But the ‘women are always the victim/men are never the victim’ attitude you have there is a gender role itself, and you don’t want to be a hypocrite. Let’s fight for everyone.

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