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  1. Bitching
  2. Calling women ‘bitches’
  3. Wondering why they can’t get a date

Top three activities I’ve noticed from “Feminists”

1. Attempting to retract the inalienable human right to presumed innocence by shifting the burden of proof, and succeeding in robbing presumed innocent men of a fair trial by enacting laws that disallow him to face his accuser.

2. Dismissing monstrous acts of cruelty to men as ‘isolated incidents’, women having fun, or being female violence apologists by saying “He deserved it”.

3. And being intellectually dishonest by portraying a whole movement that seeks  to achieve equality between the genders, as stupid and angry men who spend all their time not getting laid and being angry at women.

 Citation: You.

I’d add numbers four and five:

4.  Fabricating statistics and “facts” to support feminist positions out of thin air, only to expect forgiveness when they are exposed as fraudulent.

5.  Attempting to on one hand consider feminism as being firmly “for women,” and thus may reasonably ignore the issues men face while on the other hand telling people that it’s unacceptable for them to seek gender equality without feminism because feminism adequately fights for gender equality on behalf of both men and women.

[Note: Unlike the previous poster, I try to actively recognize that not all feminists are like this.  If you don’t do these things, this doesn’t apply to you.  If you’re not sure whether you do these things, you should think about it.  If you associate with other feminists, you should watch them and see if they do these things, and consider why you’ve neither noticed or spoken up before now.  This is not intended to be an attack, but rather a chance to look at some of the problematic things feminists do as a comparison to their attacks on masculists and egalitarians.  It may seem very angry and confrontational, and to be honest it’s hard to feel that the anger is anything other than legitimate.  Masculists constantly deal with people attacking us without even taking the time to learn what we’re saying, and on top of that we have to actively call out the few problematic people who use the term.  At least when we get snippy we generally cite real sources rather than making personal attacks.  (Note the lack of portraying feminists as “fat,” “ugly,” “bitchy” or “lesbians,” but instead addressing specific behaviors.)  While these might have been written in anger, they address real issues, and are worth examining regardless of their emotional slant.]

Bolded for relevance.

Not all of us Feminists are like this, but we seriously need to police our own. The OP is talking about bros (not my bro or your bro, but the dreaded frat bro) and shouldn’t portray those bros as bros looking for equality.

I wish Avatar: The Last Airbender would come back. It had such positive role models for both sexes. Boys didn’t have to shut off their emotions and act all macho to vindicate their masculinity and girls didn’t have to shut off their feminine, maternal side to be strong. We need more media like that to help soothe this rift.

I will say, however, that if a Feminist says men aren’t oppressed then they’re just as bad as someone saying women aren’t oppressed. They are—just in different ways.

(Source: transradical)

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